Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hi all!
It's now New Years eve morning and it looks like i'm going to see 2014 in with this cold.
Hate colds, really do. Instead of being bright and cheery I'm dull and grumpy! Still, one thing is for sure....it won't last forever and I intend to kill it or cure it tonight when I have one or two drinkies with good friends who are coming over to see in the New Year with us.
Him upstairs (I don't mean God) is sleeping off a hangover from having a little too much last night - tough!
He did leave his phone at his sisters' house tho; well, he thought he had until i received a call this morning from a guy who'd found it in the street a mile away from his sisters' house!
No idea how it got there tho but at least we know where it is now and he can go and collect it later.

On reflection, we think he must have left it in the taxi and someone's thrown it out of the taxi window?

Anyhoo, just been thinking what to make this morning and I decided on a card for my friend who lives in Zakynthos. Her birthday's in January and she's coming over for a visit so I can give it to her when I see her. Thought i might download a digital image to colour - this is a good website for that, and reasonable prices too http://www.digistampboutique.co.uk/catalog/index.php
or even this one! http://www.funkykits.co.uk/catalog/

They have loads of cute images and once purchased, you can use them time and again -Result!

So, here we go.

Catch up with you all later and hopefully have the card finished (which I will post on here).


Monday, 30 December 2013

Now I'm more knowledgeable on how the Blog works, I'm off to my sick bed!!!! I am full of this horrid
cold that seems to be hitting everyone lately and nothing on earth makes me more grumpy than a cold, so, bye for now...cough, splutter, sniff xxxxxxxxxx

Just a sample of the cards I made this Christmas x

Well, this has certainly been a long time coming!
I decided, just this morning, to stop whingeing about not having a blog and to actually create one....so, here it is!
My passion in life is creating with paper! Whether it be cardmaking, scrapbooking or general tinkering with paper then I am there.
My first thought on waking each morning is "Ooooh, what can I create today?"
As you can imagine, this beats moaning about the weather, housework and general aches and pains (which I seem to have more of as each day passes!)

A little bit about me......Well, I live in Leyland, Lancashire; I am 50 (just) and have a few health issues which forbid me from going out to work each day so I indulge my passion for paper and make things!
I have 2 children - my daughter, who has a good job and was married this year plus she lives across the road from me which is REALLY fab and i have a son who's 18 and not sure what to do with his life!
Chalk and cheese.
The master of the house works for himself (and me) and is currently having a well-earned break until he starts again in the new year.  Roll on the New Year I say - he's under my feet!!!!! Just kidding honey! xxx

So there we are
I guess I'll be on here lots and lots as I believe that's what a blog is all about and I hope you join me in this
'journey' from here to................there!