Sunday, 29 March 2015

Time flies.....really, it does!!!

Hi all.
As you can see by the title, I do believe in time flying by because this is the first time in over a week that I've remembered to write a blog post! I have no excuse either because I am on the laptop every single day of the week and I'm just too forgetful, lazy, thoughtless??? to do it! Honestly, it's no biggie really to do it but I get myself involved in crafting and I think, "I'll do it tomorrow"! I really am turning Greek - everything these days is tomorrow!!!
Anyhoo, back in the room.
I have made 2 or 3 lovely things lately which I am about to showcase here today! My brothers birthday card, a baby explosion box card and 2 easter makes simply because I can!

Ok, this is the card I made for my brother - It's a tent-fold card and I've tried to keep embellishments to a minimum but still have a little oomph in the design.

Here's the baby girl explosion box card -

 The pictures only really show some of the detail involved in the box - I would love to show others but we'd be here all day! As you can see, it's uber cute. I found the bootee template online and a how-to for the explosion box then I just went to town with the cuteness! Each layer has a little yet cute surprise image on it too.

On to my easter makes.
I subscribe to Quick Cards Made Easy magazine and this week I received April's issue with a free pack of Nitwit Collection c/o Lili of The Valley papers! I was utterly overjoyed as we all know just how much I love LOTV products. I couldn't wait to use them so yesterday, and today, I made 2 items with the paper pack and threw in some LOTV papers (country meadow) with some Dreamees MDF and stamps.
The first is a box with a bouncing easter bunny inside and some eggs and gems dangling alongside and behind him. All I've done is colour in my bunny, paper pieced the easter eggs, attached them to fine cotton thread and stuck them to the inside of the lid so that they all hang down and bounce about when the box is handled! My photography for things like this is a little tame but I hope you like them just the same.

As you can see, I have used acetate for the front of the box, easter bunny digital stamps from Digi Stamp Boutique, LOTV paper pads and a few gems and bling to brighten things up! The bottom picture is of the lid and I used Tattered Lace big blooms dies. The box is quite simple to make and lots of fun too!

The next picture is my plaque which I again used LOTV papers on. This time, I stamped the cupcake images onto patterned paper and had a whale of a time paper piecing all the flowers and cupcakes before attaching them to the plaque. I had bought some MDF shapes and stamps from Dreamees and I used 2 of the shapes (one on top of the other). The cupcake stamps were in my stash and I used  Dreamees flower stamps. The phrase in the centre is from IndigoBlu and I added a little spider webbing, doily, glamour dust and pearls for embellishment. I think they all turned out rather well!

Well, that's it for now (I think). I just hope you liked them and I will be making more goodies soon to share with you but I'm not sure when that will be because tomorrow I start a large project which I'm excited about and I'll let you know what it is when it's finished!!!
So TTFN, have a good week and see you soon

L x

Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday again x

Hi all!
Having decided to take some pics of my most recent makes, with my old camera, I promptly forgot.
Hahahaha! Oh dear! If I don't write things on a post it note and stick it to my forehead, I really will forget things I intended to do!
In this case, I STILL haven't sorted out my camera issues - so I'm going to have to remember again! Ha! yeah, right.
Anyways, I've been so busy this week, and not in the craft room! I've been preparing for "his" birthday, which is on this saturday (tomorrow!). I've been sorting the gardens out as we have had a few really lovely days in a row so I thought it might be a good idea to get the lawnmower out and chop the grass while the sun shines!
This is how things work around me....
1) Mower has no petrol - problem solved, petrol purchased.
2) Mower is blowing oodles of smoke - problem solved when "He who works" finds out what to do and rings me to tell me to do nothing! It will be fine. (and it was!)
3) The son mows one length of the garden, cuts the engine and then cannot pull the cord as it's stuck - problem solved, I find a screwdriver and a skewer, yes, a skewer, and eventually work out what the problem is and then try to fix it with said screwdriver and skewer and, again, - problem solved - I FIXED IT!!!

So, as you've now read, nothing is ever straightforward for me, but I did make the gardens look lovely and I also bought some lovely new solar lights and they look fab! Especially the ones wrapped around the tree! (I'm proclaiming the fairies did it!).

It was Nanna's birthday too today, I sent her a feminine. traditional card (pic to follow!)and she utterly loved it! I love that fuzzy feeling when someone appreciates the effort you've put into the project.

It's now 00.26 (am) and about time I put my head down and got some Zedddddzzzzzz!!!!
Hoping you all have a great weekend

L x

Friday, 13 March 2015


Well, good afternoon everybody.
I'm having problems uploading my makes from my new camera! It's WiFi enabled, it's all singing and dancing yet, I can't upload my pictures to here! I am becoming quite stressed with it and the love of the new camera is going out of the window!!!!
Anyways, I will have to sort it out as I have some really lovely pics to show you all.
I recently made 2 family tree home decor items for a friend of mine for her Mum and Mum-in-law for Mothers Day but.........and this doesn't surprise me at all....I haven't even remembered to take photos of the darned things to display on my blog (even tho' I can't upload 'em anyway!!!) Oh bother!
So, even though I have been very crafty lately, I have nothing to show for a while (I think I'll have to dig out my old camera and use that - good idea that!)
Has anyone noticed how much lighter it is in the evening at the moment? It's very off-putting when, like most crafters, I have my head down and I'm concentrating on my project, to look up and see the time on the clock is way past 6 and I haven't even thought of dinner!!! I still think it's more like mid-afternoon! And is n't it lovely to sit and look out of the window and see lots of birds looking around for nesting sites? At the moment, there are a couple of wood-pigeons living in the tree in my garden and it will be great fun watching them begin to build their nest soon. the same goes with some other little birdies but I don't know what sort of birdy they are! I do recognise the naughty magpies - there is a husband and wife magpie team flying in and out of a smaller garden tree so it looks like the birds have already decided where they will be bringing up their chicks this year. That will be fun to watch from my craftroom window!
Even though it is Mothers Day on Sunday (15th March), it is also the first race of the 2015 Formula One Grand Prix season and I am uber excited! The downer on that though is.....................Oooooh, forget that for a mo, I have just watched a gorgeous little chaffinch land on the the tree and it is really really cute! Good Lord! There's birds everywhere! They are amazing!, where were we?...Oh yes, the downside to the first race of the season is that it is coming from Melbourne, Australia, and the race starts at 5am! Yes, 5am, so sunday will be a loooooooong day! I think the daughter and her hubby are staying over saturday night to watch it with me............TWO CHAFFINCHES NOW!!!! eEEEEEEKKKK!!! we always watch it together.
Sorry about the interruptions in the story but it is just really exciting! I do hope those chaffinches are going to nest here too as I haven't seen a chaffinch family before!
So, "He who works away" is coming home tonight after 2 weeks in Cambridgeshire and, as it's his birthday on the 21st March and we are having a party, he'd better be home that weekend too! Sooooo much to organise - booze, cake, booze, more food, booze....have I mentioned booze? Lol x
So, I'm away to do some crafting now instead of leering out the window and watching these birds! One of the magpies just landed in the tree, ripped away a piece of branch and flew towards my window then over the roof with it, so maybe they are still nesting in the trees at my old house?

I will keep you posted on the lives of the bird families!

L x