Monday, 30 December 2013

Well, this has certainly been a long time coming!
I decided, just this morning, to stop whingeing about not having a blog and to actually create, here it is!
My passion in life is creating with paper! Whether it be cardmaking, scrapbooking or general tinkering with paper then I am there.
My first thought on waking each morning is "Ooooh, what can I create today?"
As you can imagine, this beats moaning about the weather, housework and general aches and pains (which I seem to have more of as each day passes!)

A little bit about me......Well, I live in Leyland, Lancashire; I am 50 (just) and have a few health issues which forbid me from going out to work each day so I indulge my passion for paper and make things!
I have 2 children - my daughter, who has a good job and was married this year plus she lives across the road from me which is REALLY fab and i have a son who's 18 and not sure what to do with his life!
Chalk and cheese.
The master of the house works for himself (and me) and is currently having a well-earned break until he starts again in the new year.  Roll on the New Year I say - he's under my feet!!!!! Just kidding honey! xxx

So there we are
I guess I'll be on here lots and lots as I believe that's what a blog is all about and I hope you join me in this
'journey' from here to................there!


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