Saturday, 21 July 2018

Mad as a ......???

Hi all!

Recently, the sis-in-law wanted me to make her a hat suitable for a Mad-Hatters tea party themed hen-party today in Manchester!
So I did!
She bought the little black hat from a local shop and brought it to me for decorating.
Which I did!
And, here it is in all its' glory.....

Apart  from ribbons, shiny things and peacock feathers, I added quite a bit of Graphic 45's "HAlloween in Wonderland" collection to it.
I fussy cut lots of elements from the pack - the Mad Hatter, the queen of hearts etc (you can't see her very well tho :( ), and added some of my own stash too. The key, the lock, the fact there's so much on here it's a long list !

Hope you enjoy my creation!

Lesley x

Monday, 9 July 2018


Hi all!
Well, I've been very absent lately due to a heck of a horrible few weeks as my other half was prepping for his triple bypass this week when we find out he has diabetes so now his surgery can't go ahead.
Its absolutely mega disappointing! Not that the idea of an op is thrilling but it would have put him on the road to recovery and back to normal. Hopefully.
But now it's all up in the air again as his blood sugars are extremely high and he has to have them low and regular for a few weeks before the treatment can begin again.
So, my heart hasn't been in the craft room at all. 😞
I'm hoping to go in there for an hour or two one evening and, who knows. Something amazing might happen and my best ever work could be in the pipeline!!!

Have a good week,

Lesley 😀 x

Wednesday, 27 June 2018


This weather has been AMAZING!
It is burny-hot here and I am a true sun bunny BUT it's even too hot for me right now!
I walked over to the decking a little earlier, with nothing on my feet and......................OW OW OW!!!
It reminded me of walking on hot sand on Xechoriati beach (Zante) and screeching in pain!!!
Something I willl NEVER do again because I thought I wasn't that daft. How wrong can a person be?

So, with all this fabulous sun in the UK (and not the rest of the world for a change!) I haven't really found alot of time to craft (tee hee!).
I did prepare a couple of makes for Papercraft Inspirations October issue but, as per usual, I can't upload them yet. Safe to say I like 'em tho!!!

I did make my son's 23rd birthday card and, even though he's not a BEER drinker, I did like the stamps and embossing folder which came with Papercraft essentials mag (161) and just had to use them!

I made it into a shaker card for a bit of fun too!

There's a few bits and bobs going on behind the scenes at "Tinkering" HQ at the moment and I will share them with you as soon as I'm able to. Exciting times ahead methinks!!!

So, I bid you all a rather sweaty farewell as I'm off to the freezer for a cool-down.........I mean an ice-lolly!!!

Lesley x