Sunday, 25 August 2019


Evening all (said no-one......ever!)

My how these weeks are just flying by.
One minute you're full of good intentions and grand ambitions and the're nowhere to be seen (other than Facebook and Instagram!!!)
Honestly, I am so negligent I embarrass myself.
I've been suffering a couple of health problems and I just cannot seem to organise my days into sections of craft, blog, insta, fb, and housework etc!!!
It all seems to blur into one long day of lost mojo, lack of inspiration and no heart for housework so I stick my butt on my chair and hope that just by picking up a pair of scissors or some crafty mags, my mojo will come flooding in.
But, lately, it hasn't.
I have made a few cards and things but they're really not my best efforts if I'm honest.
Oh well : (

Anyhoo, just thought I'd let you all know that, for the foreseeable future, I won't be posting or even updating my blog.
I don't give it the time it deserves and I think Facebook and Instagram may be the better platforms for my style of blogging.
Should I decide to come back, then I know exactly where my creation will be.........right here, ready and waiting for the new me. 
The creative me.
The me who loves the feel and smell of paper and ink.
The me who is fixed and not feeling poorly any more.

So on that rather melancholy note I wish you all a very fond TTFN.

Until the next time, please look after yourselves and take care.

Lesley xxx

Monday, 8 July 2019

Beachy stamps - Creative Stamping mag 72

Hello again.
Today I'm posting this piccy of a card I recently made using the lovely stamps with Creative Stamping mag (issue 72) which I sent to CS mag and they've printed it in the readers letters page.
I enjoy receiving the stamps with each monthly issue as I usually find inspiration to make something lovely with them!
I'd seen a make by Jennifer McGuire and I decided to use her ideas to make this one.
I think it worked out quite well :)

I have been making some secrety things too!
I do have some news, but I'm not yet at liberty to disclose it or I might burst into flames!!!
Watch this space :) :) :)

Have a great day
Lesley x

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Evening all :)

Hi everyone.
I've been absent for a while again (mea culpa!) but I'm here to just update on where I'm at with my crafty world.
I am absolutely loving this Lady Bea by Julia McNeill of Julia McNeill Crafts . She has been so kind as to share this image for free and I'm excited to find exactly what she has in her new website, which is launching this Friday (28th June). I really like her drawing style and I enjoyed creating this mixed media card......

Such a great image to work with!

I've had some time to play with my "toys" (ie - my stash!) for a change and I remembered I needed to make two cards to send out asap. I'm always last minute even though I've a craftroom full of stock!

This card is for a couple of lovely friends of mine who I haven't seen for a couple of months as we live quite a distance from each other.
I thought it might be nice to say "hello" and I used a Tracey Hey stamp set to make it. I love this set and Tracey is another artist who has the most awesome stamps on her site! (I NEEEEED them all!)

So sorry this picture's a bit out of focus - just squint a little and it will look much better!!!

My final make for this last fortnight is this 6th anniversary card for my daughter and her husband.
Traditionally, the theme for the 6th year is sugar, so I went ahead and used these super fun liqorice allsorts and love heart stamps which I've had in my stash for some time. I made it quite fun and modern and thankfully, it was well received.

As for the rest of my days? Well, like everybody else, I just mooch along doing the shopping, going for breakfast or lunch, then racing home to get into my craftroom before it forgets me!!! I'm in here everyday so, if there's ever anything you need making for yourself or for anyone else, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I love my days to have a purpose and I love to create for other people.

Oh yes, and I had my hair cut and's a cheesy photo of me...Well, before I slept on it and ruined it that is!!

Lesley xxx