Wednesday, 15 January 2020

....Over on the Trimcraft blog.....

Good day everyone.
As I posted a while ago, I've  been invited by Trimcraft to join their Maker Team and I'm still excited to learn, share, make and create projects over the next 12 months for and with them.
There is a fabulous post on the blog now which introduces myself and all my Maker colleagues, including their social media site details, so it might be worth your while having a browse through their amazing sites as there is SO MUCH GOOD STUFF to browse through!

Follow this link here and it will take you directly to the exciting stuff.

While you're there, maybe you could subscribe to the site too as there's so much going on from Inspiration to competitions and give aways!

Anyhoo, I hope you all have a great day

Lesley xxx

Tuesday, 14 January 2020


Hi there!
As I mentioned in my last post, I was hoping to post my homemade jewellery box this afternoon and.........DRUM ROLL PLEASE! it is!

I'm quietly pleased with it! It's just the right size - 13.25" h x 6"d x 9"w (33.5cms x 15.25cms x 22.75cms)

Here is a picture of the supplies I used to make it apart from black card and a black posca paint pen.

Fancypants Design papers
Sparkly black cardstock
White 5mm foamboard
Dies - NO IDEA where they're from as I don't keep the packaging and I've had these years!
Wooden mini drawer pulls.

That's about it I guess!
I've enjoyed creating this box and now I must pop all my valuables (!!!) into the drawers and get rid of the other 3 jewellery boxes cluttering my shelf.....................but then again, I could always alter them into something else. Who knows? Lmho!

Have a good day
Lesley xxx

Storage solution

Hi everyone.
 This week I've been trying to have a little tidy up of my bedroom drawers and I found, much to my amusement, that I have 3 jewellery boxes on the go with all my precious gems (yeah right!, nothing expensive,  unfortunately 😏) tumbling out of them and collecting dust. So, the answer is to buy a bigger box or, if you're me, MAKE one!
I decided that as I love using foam board for sturdier pieces, then this is the way to go so, out came the board, pencil, ruler and knife and off I went!
First I had to work out  the measurements of a 5 drawer unit then try and cut the board as neatly as possible . These 2 piccies show the process underway with panels and drawers being put together.


Once I'd managed this part, I hot glued the unit together and left it overnight to completely dry and to tend to my hot glue burnt finger 😂😂!

Now it's time to decorate it and put it to use and I will show this step in my next post,  hopefully later today!

Lesley xxx