Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Hi everyone from quite a chilly Leyland even though this is supposed to be summer.....that's GBR for ya!!!
So, this week I've been mostly making stuff!
I have had to make a card for a 40th birthday. Pardon? Easy? Yes, if it's for a woman but, for a man?.....all you crafters out there will agree with me - men are chuffing hard work all round, even for cards!!!
I have a couple of 'Gus' images from Bugaboo stamps and co-ordinated them for this card. Gus is fab! A real cranky old geezer!
So, this is how it turned out.

.....and this is how the other one turned out!!! Yep, I did two, because one might not be suitable so I always make an alternative!!!
 For this one, I used a 'birdbrain' image from 'From The Heart Stamps' - because they're funny and  fab!

Now, after I'd finished those (which took far longer than I'd anticipated because my Mojo sodded off!), I turned to my favourite pastime - construction!

I have another template from Jim Hankins (a.k.a. The Gentleman Crafter) and he calls it Mama Nell's organiser Caddy!
I guess it is really! It looks like a caddy with doors and feet!
I used Graphic 45 Artisan Style paper collection on this as well as  Tim Holtz Idea-ology knob and fasteners. I had to make the box feet myself from card and gild them so they look more metallic.

There is room inside to hold anything you like really - notes, cards, recipes, files, whatever!

I totally love making constructed items! I've just finished a 6 drawer box to hold my Tim Holtz and wooden embellishments but as I've made it for my own use, I'm not putting it on here (.....the patterned card doesn't really match! LOL).

Ok. That seems to be it for now, so, from a windy and rainy North of England town, I wish you all good-day, cheerio and Kalispera!

L x

Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Well, good morning to all you lovely peeps out there in blogland!
Yes, I know I haven't posted anything for a while (even though I did promise to!), but I'm here now and I have actually photographed lots of examples of my recent makes to show you.
I am actually debating wether to open a selling page on Facebook or Etsy, so if anyone can point me in the right direction (which is best, easiest etc) then I would be very grateful.

These first few samples are gift boxes.
These are just to show you that boxes need not be boring and plain but fun too. Sadly, these aren't my best ones. I do need to make some more fot this post because my best ones were, of course, used for presents! Tee hee!


SIMPLE STEPPER BOX - when opened, 4 smaller gift boxes appear inside!

PAPA'S TRUNK! A mini version of an old trunk, complete with 'padlock'!

An uber cute MINI BACKPACK!!!

This box is a "PUZZLE BOX"!!!
As the title states, it's a puzzle how you get in it until somebody with more brains than me shows you how!!!
From the main box (1) you pull the side tab and out pops another box (2).
Pull the tab on the side of that one and....I think you might get the picture now!
After all four boxes have been opened, that last one contains a mini drawer which holds a.....whatever you like! I've put a little notebook in this one but it could just as easily hold a diary or souvenir etc!


This is a selection of mini albums. These are designed to create a memory box/album of your most favourite memories. Whether you use them for photos, diary notes, tickets to concerts and shows that are worth remembering, and, lots of other things you want to keep as mementos.This first one is called a FLIP-FLOP ALBUM IN A BOX!!! 

Lift the first page and the second page lifts too! Lift the second and the third pops up and so on until you reach the back of the album.
Each of the beautiful pages is 'matted' with a place to attach a favourite photo with a banner beneath to write some details of the picture - date/time/place etc!

This next one is a MINI ALBUM which I've decorated with botanical imagery. Again, each page has a little pocket into which you can hide a secret note or just notes about the photos you can pop in or attach to the front of the page. 
All the pages are decorated differently but as this post is already "picture-heavy" I thought I'd just display a few images in the hope they do the albums (etc) justice and you can understand what I'm aiming for with my descriptions.



This is a larger boxed album and again I've incorporated pages, mats and pockets for your bits n bobs of memories and pictures. I love making these albums and they can be made in any style or design. Weddings, birthday gifts, Christmas, Christenings etc! and the bonus is a unique item which nobody else on this planet of ours has!

I've based this album on the months of the year.
Therefore, there are 12 monthly pockets in which to store those treasured, precious goodies!

So, straying away from the albums, we come to my HOT AIR BALLOONS!

I adore these as they're soooo cute! Again, they can be made for weddings, parties, babies nurseries (2 of them are made for just that reason!) and they are really adorable.

Below is a selection of cards where the recipient can use them for something else after the 'big day' has passed (whatever the 'Big Day' is!)

Cards 1 and 3 are called easel cards with drawers and the second one is a 'book' card - made to look like a book but.....it isn't!!!

50th birthday EXPLOSION BOX CARD

This cutie card also works as a gift too by the addition of tea light candles incorporated into the card. (see second picture)


I love the clean and simple style of card-making; this butterfly card is done in that style and the second picture shows the layers of colour beneath the white butterfly.
The next butterfly card is a sympathy card which I recently made for a friend and I made it in the CAS style again as I think you really don't always need fussy cards.

The next few items are my MISCELLANEOUS makes!
They can be used for any celebration/event, and make lovely and unique gifts.

Mini File/Organiser


This box is brilliant! Once you open the front strap, up pops the gift box inside and once that's opened, the sides fall apart to reveal the contents! I made this one for a friends new grandchild, hence the baby design!

This is the CUPCAKE/DESSERT CAGE! It's designed to look pretty as a table decoration. Think birthday/garden parties, weddings etc! It can hold 2 cupcakes at a time (or whatever takes your fancy!!!)

My VINTAGE SUITCASE is excellent - even if I do say so myself!!! It took quite alot of time to make and I love it! I guess you could gift this to someone who travels or to a teenager/student or to anyone really! I would use it as a keepsake box or again, as a fun style of album for fave pics and souvenirs etc.

And finally.......Yes, we have come to the end of our current trip and what do we find? Christmas advent calendars!
 I made these 2 for my 'kids' (yeah, 29 & 20 year old kids!) for last Christmas and they loved them! I put different little choccies in each of the boxes and a surprise treat in the top box for Christmas Eve!!!  They were great fun and looked good too!!!

PLEASE NOTE - All my constructed items -albums etc, are made from sturdy, good quality chipboard, mountboard / heavy card. I don't make anything 'cheaply' but I don't ask for loads of money either cos nobody's got any - like me!

PHEW! Ok, that's enough for now!

I hope you get an idea, from this chuffin' long post, of the kinds of crafting I like to do.
There are allsorts of other things I could post here but then there'd be so much to read you'd probably nod off,  just like I did half an hour ago.............zzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

If you'd like any more details on any of my items, or if you would like something custom made, DO NOT hesitate to contact me because I'm sooooooooooo bored and it would help me keep my sanity for a little longer - Hmmmmmm, nope, it's gone!!!!

L x

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