Tuesday, 2 September 2014


I am utterly shattered! Oh, hello all!
It's true, I'm pooped! Yesterday I ended up running around (ok, ordering Mark to run around!) emptying cupboards and sorting stuff out from my bedroom and craftroom. Managed to fill the wheelie bins outside with loads of recycling tho so I must be doing well parting with things that I REALLY NEED!!!!
Honestly though, it's hard parting with stuff from way back when but it's necessary too.
So, what did I do? I photographed items that I hated binning so at least I can look at the lovely pics now and again!

I've hardly done any crafting at all lately and today I might just make up for it as I'm in a crafty mood!

The weather is beautiful - yep, the bedding's out on the line!- and I need to do some shopping but cannot be bothered going so I'm going to do it online! Yaaaay for the internet!
That frees up even more crafty hours too!

Oh, before I go, yesterday I managed to finish my cards for my entries into the cardmaker of the year 2014 comp. Go me!!! I know I haven't been crafting for a long time like alot of other people but I do like to have a go and the cards I've submitted are, at least, well made, if not winners. but, you have to be in it to win it so..... fingers crossed for me!

L x

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