Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Well, good morning everyone!
I have been moving house - enough said - but now I'm raring to get back on my bike and empty the box which has my crafty mojo in!
I have sorely missed my crafty days and wish that I could have a few more before........I go on holiday on Friday!!! Yup! No time to do too much or become involved in any recent challenges as we fly to Zakynthos at 6am Friday so I'll just have to suck it up and wait another week!
I have had a couple of minutes here and there to have a mooch round the internet craft sites and I found something the other day which I am going to try when I come home.
Most crafty people know what ATCs are (Artist Trading Cards for those who don't) but I found a tutorial on Artist Trading Blocks and they look really fun! Apparently you can buy the block making die from Sizzix but I think I'll be creating my own- much cheaper! They all look fab and I have an idea of my own on what to make with them for the Papercrafter of the Year comp in November.
So, this moving house business? Hate it. I have no fingernails left, my skin's dry and my hair....well, let's just say it is being cut and pampered at the salon this very afternoon! Isn't it funny how your appearance comes second to sorting out cupboards and shelves? !!!
Not saying I look like a tramp or anything but I look like a tramp..!
He who works has had to take this week off work as well as next (obviously) because we have jobs to do here but getting under my feet is an understatement! World War 3 almost broke out yesterday just hanging a mirror! So, today, I'm getting out of the way., Hoping to meet my lovely sis in law for late brekkies / early lunch before the hair do. Such decadence.
SO, a fond farewell to all as I look around my half finished craftroom and look to where my mojo is hiding. It's gotta be around here somewhere :)

L x

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