Thursday, 22 October 2015


Hi all!
So, it's Thursday and it's windy, raining and chilly - autumn is definitely here.
I had my birthday last Sunday, but, because I've not been well, we just went out for a family meal on Sunday afternoon, but this Saturday there WILL be a party at home!!! Last 2 years I've had my birthday in Zante but.....not this year obviously!!! Sad, but I can't complain because we did go in September!
My bezzie is over from Zante for 2 weeks but I won't see her as she has to visit family 'down south' ~(where she and her famiily are from - Staines, no less) and she won't have time to pop up and see me :( Oh well!!! I'll be seeing her in January when she comes back for her 50th birthday party! Yaaaay! I like a good party!)
I've been out for a meal with 'the girls'  this week - drinking on a school night too!!!
So, I'm off to do some crafting - haven't made anything of note for a week so I'd better begin!!!

L x

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