Monday, 8 February 2016


Well.......................I lied....Ooops!
My last post pointed out how naughty I've been in not posting and I promised I would start again and that was in January and it's now February and where's the posts? Well, they're on my craft room desk!!!
Ok, so they're not actually on the desk but they are in my head - somewhere!
At the moment, I'm utterly full of a cold and feeling rather sorry for myself but at least I'm making time to write this post - cough,cough, splutter, sniff!,
I have so many project ideas just whizzing around in my head at the mo and it doesn't help knowing I've a brand new set of Spectrum Aquas to OPEN yet even though I received them last Thursday! I KNOW!!! Who can believe I can wait that long? But, I must! I have decided to actually FINISH projects before starting new ones this year and it's really hard to do but I'm going to try.
I feel like branching out in the way I craft too. I want to experiment more with paint and inks so that's on my list of to-do's in as much as checking the internet for inspiration and tutorials as and when I think of what I need to know!
It's all very confusing you know - I wish I could organise my head a little better and stop living in  this topsy turvy craft world!!! Perhaps there's a tutorial for that somewhere too...........???!

Here are a few pics from Christmas - not everything though or we'd be here all day!




These next few are this year's to date (2016)



 So, that's it for now!
I'm hoping to enter a DT call-out in the next week or so, and planning my next crafty morning at the creative community centre - I think it may be Easter projects!

Have a good week,

L x

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