Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Goof afternoon all you gorgeous crafty peeps out there!!!

Well, I have a little confession to make .
I was going to give up my blog.
Yes, I was! Honestly!

But, I've decided to start again even though we are almost at the beginning of May and I haven't blogged since December '16!

In that time I have made loads and loads of projects which, if you're interested, can be found on my Docrafts gallery here:

I am also going to start entering challenges again too methinks as I did enjoy them and, although I'm usually busy doing stuff, I think I could do to stretch my imagination from time to time and indulge my creativity.

So, this year in a nutshell?

Craftwise - I've been published in Quick Cards Made Easy magazine as part of the Reader Design Team, in Papercraft Inspirations and Papercrafter, I've won a few competitions and now I'm part of the Papercraft Inspirations magazine Reader Tester team too.
I also had my craftroom redecorated which meant I had to have a major clearout! It was distressing but cleansing too! I feel like a weight's been lifted off my shoulders as now I know exactly what I own!!! 😄

Healthwise - I managed to reach my 4 stone weight loss target with Slimming world (awesome!). Last few days have been hard work as I've been poorly with a tummy bug and now a cold/chest infection thingy but-----I soldier on!

Familywise - All's well at the homestead! Family are all fab, fit and healthy.

Holidaywise - If you know me at all, then you know how much we love to go away every so often and we went to Spain with some good friends after Christmas till the 3rd January and we're due to go to Zakynthos next Sunday for 8 days! Yaaaayyy!!! Globetrotter eh?

Homewise - Our house is now up for sale and we're looking for a much bigger pile of bricks so that all 5 of us (daughter, her hubby, son and the OH) can muddle together again! 'Twill be fun and interesting!

So, that's all for now I guess!

I really hope you can join me in my musings from time to time.
It would be lovely if you'd leave me a comment so I know there are real people out there and I'm not just talking to myself again.....that's another story.

I will be back with more "makes" and maybe some tutorials as I've learnt the hard way how annoying it is when you see stuff and don't know how it's made!

So Ta-ta For Now!


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  1. Lesley, it looks like you need to change your blog title to Just a LOT of Tinkering! I looked at your gallery, and my goodness girl - you've been way to busy to blog! Sounds like your life has been fun and good, as it should be! Glad to see you back here. Don't get too discouraged - my blog is only getting a handful of comments these days - I think folks just tend to use facebook.... Thanks for sharing! Good luck with your house hunt :)


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