Monday, 5 February 2018

Chilly Monday

Hi all.
Today is cold.
Cold outside and cold inside too!
The builders are still working on our renovations and, as they have to replace windows and doors, then the cold air is creeping in and freezing any bits that I've not managed to cover up......hands, nose, ears etc!!!

Anyhoo, I hope you're all doing ok and had a good weekend?
We did very little really.
Friday, we went out for "tea" which was really an excuse for a liquid tea - followed by more alcoholic liquids right up until midnight when I couldn't fit any more in!
Saturday, we were all a little subdued!
Really had a good night out but I always seem to "lose" the next day and I can't drink as much as I used to anyway - which is a good thing I suppose and even better for "His Wallet"!!!

Saturday was Pizza Hut for tea - can't say I'm thrilled with Pizza Hut though. I find it very expensive and I can't see the reason why! It's just pizza and salad after all!
Sunday was microwave curry for tea. Soooo fed up with microwave cooking and eating out!!! Hahahaha!!!

I did find some time for crafting a magic slider card last week.
I decided to make something suitable for Valentines day (14th Feb) and followed a tutorial on You Tube by Christina Griffiths (she has a really informative blog and she's a Lancashire lass too!)

I used Junglies stamps by Elizabeth Craft designs and a little heart stamp to create a pretty background.

I've added three photos so you can see how the magic slider works!
It's great fun to do and I feel an urge to create another one coming on!!!

I hope you like this card and I'd love to read any comments you'd care to leave!

Have a great day

Lesley xxx

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