Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sunday sunny sunday!!!!(sing to the tune of U2s sunday bloody sunday - if you don't mind!)

Hello everyone!
Had a great night out with the usual gruesome crew last night (check my facebook page for pictures!). We celebrated the sis in law Theresas birthday and that of our bessy mate Jason and it lasted until 3.15 am!!!
So, today I started out with a little fluffy hangover head which didn't last too long really! It's so gorgeous outside I took my cup of tea out and sat on the decking and let the lovely breeze  blow away my fluffy cobwebs! The funny thing is though, we live about 15ish miles from the coast and yet I could definitely smell the seaside while sitting in the garden! The wind must have been blowing in off the coast and it was really nice! Made me want to go paddling :)
Anyhow, the grass has been cut, the washing done and dried (!!!!!) I've managed to watch the MotoGP and now i'm feeling uber tired. In other words, I need to sleep but "He who works" is having a snooze as he's off to London in an hour.
Hey ho! It's just the way we roll!!!
Hope you've all had a fab weekend in the rarely seen British sunshine.

L x

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