Friday, 18 July 2014

Friday again!

Hello all!
I hope you've all had a lovely week and you're now looking forward to a fab weekend.
I may not be in touch for the next week as I'll be away sunning myself and totally indulging my gluttony with foreign food and drink! Bring it on!
I'm really looking forward to this holiday as we are all (Me, Mick, Shellbell, Jay, Tree and Ken) off to Kefalonia for a change. We normally go to Zakynthos (and I'm hoping we'll go there in the Autumn) but as it's Shellbells birthday (a special one between 40 and 60!!!), Jay decided to rent us all a fab villa on the beach in Lourdas Village. It was pretty expensive but, hey ho, you can't take it with ya!!!
So, what usually happens when I go overseas for the sunshine? Yep, it always stays sunny here, so, I expect you'll all have lovely tans when i get home! (I will be completely tanned after 3 days - that's all it takes, lucky me!)

L x

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