Thursday, 17 July 2014

Good evening all!
Can you believe the weather we've been having this week? Amazing!
Trouble is though, I just haven't had time to go out in it! All this ebay selling and organising for my hols has left me no time at all to make anything this week! I did finish the scrapbook I made for my best buddy's birthday on Saturday. It's lovely! I really enjoy making them and even when I finish one I can't wait to make changes to it - or start again!!! New ideas just jump in and I've just got to alter things!
Yesterday, the only day I might have had time to sit outside for a while, it rained! Then it stayed hot and overcast until 5pm ish! When the sun came out I was too pooped to bother!
So now I'm lying on top of my bed with the fan blowing the already hot air around the room, but it's helping to at least keep my feet cool!!!!
Roll on Kefalonia where I can bake in the sun while lounging around the pool or on the beach. Can - Not - Wait!!!
So, I may not be back for a time! When I am, I will have lots of stories about my hols....yeah right! More like drunken tales of how drunk we all were!!! Tee hee :)
Have a great weekend.

L x

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