Friday, 14 November 2014


Good evening blogland!
I have just realised it has been a week since I last posted on here and it only seems like yesterday! Is this what happens as you get older? Darn it!
Just got to say this...... Noooooooooooooo! Somebody pass me the remote control - Children In Need is on the TV and chuffin S Club (who, for some unknown reason - they're probably skint - are re-forming) OMG, it's like watching Mick Jagger thinking he's 19 again! This is awful and I cannot find that remote! Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh! BTW, they STILL can't sing!
Anyhoo, less of that rubbish and back to me!
So, this week I have been mostly crafting! Apart from 2 shopping trips (I always forget something and have to go again), a hospital visit and a breakfast meeting with the sister in law (!) I have been busy attempting a few Christmassy projects and, I do have to admit, having some success too!
Once I've decided who is to receive what, I will be able to post them here but until then -----tough! You'll just have to wait for the excitement!
I haven't even started on Christmas cards yet and I still have alot to do before they happen. It looks like this years cards will be of the CAS type - easy and simple. The only problem I'm having is which style to use this year. Anybody any ideas or tips? Post a comment at the end if you do!
He who works came home today after 10 days away on missionary work........translated as 'working over the border in that there Yorkshire'! I might not have as much time to craft this weekend but it might be a welcome break after such a busy week.
So, time to sign off now until next time (which might be next Friday at this rate!)
Hope everyone has a fab weekend.

L x

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