Friday, 5 December 2014

Friday Comes Round Again!

Hello all!
Today I have had to come to the realisation that i have had no get up and go for some time now and even writing my blog has been put on the back burner. That crafty spirit I like to call mojo had disappeared and I now find it twice as tricky in thinking up new ways to create cards and papercraft goodies; which, at this time of year, isn't the best time to be struggling to make stuff!
I have made about 15 Xmas cards - 3 of which are earmarked as a special request - which leavers 12. Four i have already despatched so now we are down to 8. Eight images of Xmas loveliness and no extra buddies to put with them!
I have spent the last few days making 4 birthday cards for my BFF in Zante. A friend of hers has requested 4 cards for special upcoming birthdays and it truly has been tricky finding inspiration to make them into gorgeous creations!
So, as you can possibly tell by now, I am not really in the best frame of mind to create or even blog at the moment, yet, I have all the time in the world to commit myself to it but I just end up faffing about! Take last Wednesday for example - I started the day by doing as much housework as possible then cleaning and rearranging my craft room for the 3rd time in as many weeks!
Anyhoo, that's my grumbling over with for now!
Last Tuesday I went to the salon for my traditional Christmas hair cut and colour treatment and then I went out for a meal that evening with old colleagues from my Post Office days and we had a really good night! Tomorrow morning I'm off to a crafty morning at a local church with the sister-in-law. We've been before and we enjoyed it so tomorrow should be fun.
So, there we are for now.
Little bits of other stuff has happened over the last few weeks but nothing of real note to get excited about so it isn't worth rabbiting on about it on here! If I remember anything fun then I'll create a new post - not that anybody's reading these.
Oh well,

L x

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