Friday, 26 December 2014


Merry Christmas to all my lovely family and friends and a huge happy Boxing Day too!

Yes, it's Boxing Day. The day after the day before and I'm still knackered!

We had Christmas Day at the daughter and son-in-laws house and it was lovely. Also, I was utterly and totally spoilt rotten with lovely prezzies! I ate too much, drank just enough and totally exhausted myself in the process so today I'm NOT getting dressed, going out or cooking!

If anyone turns up at the front door without a present. or a bottle of Martini, then I'm refusing to open it! He who works is still in bed. I can hear the TV on and I haven't even gone up with a coffee for him because I truly can't be bothered! I will eventually though or he might send me a text requesting one! That's the way we roll in this house!

I am missing my craftroom :(

I really want to get in there and get back to normal but, now Christmas has gone, I'm going to have to look ahead to Valentines day and birthdays and get some stash ready for those.
I also want to make more papercraft projects/repurposed/altered art items in 2015. I think some research is in order before I throw myself into it because I often decide to make something and then struggle to put my thoughts in order so as to be able to complete it! I have quite a few unfinished items already and I really don't want to add to them. But, how to organise myself in order to do it? I haven't worked that out yet!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day and perhaps some of you are racing through the sales either in your local towns or online today. I did this morning. I selected loads of goodies on my fave crafty websites, added them to the basket, looked at the total, then............closed the page down and saved even more money because I refuse to buy loads more stash until I've actually used up the stores I have already! Kerching! Money back in my pocket! Tee hee.

So, whatever you're up to today, enjoy it and I will be back, probably in the new year, with more goodies to display (hopefully!).

Oh, I've attached some photos of the cards and calendars and stuff I made for this Christmas. A very small sample which,unfortunately, are the only ones I have saved at the mo! Hope you like them!

L x

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