Saturday, 14 February 2015


Hello all.
Had to honour my little promise (which I made eons ago!) to post some photos of the projects I've recently been working on. I bought a CDrom of papercraft projects because I like the image on the front (!) but it's been stashed away, with all the other CD-roms, until one day a couple of weeks ago when I thought it might be a good idea to have a look at it................WOW! I adore the creative mind of this lady (Adela Rossol) and, after making the following items, I emailed her in the hope that she had more fab CD-rom projects to work from. ~Sadly, she replied in the negative :( ; although there are lots of project templates to purchase from her website.
So, onto the lovelies!

This first picture shows an old-style trunk and a birdhouse. I really love these two and the birdhouse was fun to embellish! I even managed to get a little wooden bird stuck to the roof!

This next one is called a 'dessert cage' - simply because it's cute enough to pop some cupcakes inside and as I would have only eaten them, I put some ribbon reels in there instead!!! Cute birdy on the top behind the bow. I only put a few embellishments on this one, just to give it extra cuteness!

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