Friday, 13 March 2015


Well, good afternoon everybody.
I'm having problems uploading my makes from my new camera! It's WiFi enabled, it's all singing and dancing yet, I can't upload my pictures to here! I am becoming quite stressed with it and the love of the new camera is going out of the window!!!!
Anyways, I will have to sort it out as I have some really lovely pics to show you all.
I recently made 2 family tree home decor items for a friend of mine for her Mum and Mum-in-law for Mothers Day but.........and this doesn't surprise me at all....I haven't even remembered to take photos of the darned things to display on my blog (even tho' I can't upload 'em anyway!!!) Oh bother!
So, even though I have been very crafty lately, I have nothing to show for a while (I think I'll have to dig out my old camera and use that - good idea that!)
Has anyone noticed how much lighter it is in the evening at the moment? It's very off-putting when, like most crafters, I have my head down and I'm concentrating on my project, to look up and see the time on the clock is way past 6 and I haven't even thought of dinner!!! I still think it's more like mid-afternoon! And is n't it lovely to sit and look out of the window and see lots of birds looking around for nesting sites? At the moment, there are a couple of wood-pigeons living in the tree in my garden and it will be great fun watching them begin to build their nest soon. the same goes with some other little birdies but I don't know what sort of birdy they are! I do recognise the naughty magpies - there is a husband and wife magpie team flying in and out of a smaller garden tree so it looks like the birds have already decided where they will be bringing up their chicks this year. That will be fun to watch from my craftroom window!
Even though it is Mothers Day on Sunday (15th March), it is also the first race of the 2015 Formula One Grand Prix season and I am uber excited! The downer on that though is.....................Oooooh, forget that for a mo, I have just watched a gorgeous little chaffinch land on the the tree and it is really really cute! Good Lord! There's birds everywhere! They are amazing!, where were we?...Oh yes, the downside to the first race of the season is that it is coming from Melbourne, Australia, and the race starts at 5am! Yes, 5am, so sunday will be a loooooooong day! I think the daughter and her hubby are staying over saturday night to watch it with me............TWO CHAFFINCHES NOW!!!! eEEEEEEKKKK!!! we always watch it together.
Sorry about the interruptions in the story but it is just really exciting! I do hope those chaffinches are going to nest here too as I haven't seen a chaffinch family before!
So, "He who works away" is coming home tonight after 2 weeks in Cambridgeshire and, as it's his birthday on the 21st March and we are having a party, he'd better be home that weekend too! Sooooo much to organise - booze, cake, booze, more food, booze....have I mentioned booze? Lol x
So, I'm away to do some crafting now instead of leering out the window and watching these birds! One of the magpies just landed in the tree, ripped away a piece of branch and flew towards my window then over the roof with it, so maybe they are still nesting in the trees at my old house?

I will keep you posted on the lives of the bird families!

L x

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