Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday again x

Hi all!
Having decided to take some pics of my most recent makes, with my old camera, I promptly forgot.
Hahahaha! Oh dear! If I don't write things on a post it note and stick it to my forehead, I really will forget things I intended to do!
In this case, I STILL haven't sorted out my camera issues - so I'm going to have to remember again! Ha! yeah, right.
Anyways, I've been so busy this week, and not in the craft room! I've been preparing for "his" birthday, which is on this saturday (tomorrow!). I've been sorting the gardens out as we have had a few really lovely days in a row so I thought it might be a good idea to get the lawnmower out and chop the grass while the sun shines!
This is how things work around me....
1) Mower has no petrol - problem solved, petrol purchased.
2) Mower is blowing oodles of smoke - problem solved when "He who works" finds out what to do and rings me to tell me to do nothing! It will be fine. (and it was!)
3) The son mows one length of the garden, cuts the engine and then cannot pull the cord as it's stuck - problem solved, I find a screwdriver and a skewer, yes, a skewer, and eventually work out what the problem is and then try to fix it with said screwdriver and skewer and, again, - problem solved - I FIXED IT!!!

So, as you've now read, nothing is ever straightforward for me, but I did make the gardens look lovely and I also bought some lovely new solar lights and they look fab! Especially the ones wrapped around the tree! (I'm proclaiming the fairies did it!).

It was Nanna's birthday too today, I sent her a feminine. traditional card (pic to follow!)and she utterly loved it! I love that fuzzy feeling when someone appreciates the effort you've put into the project.

It's now 00.26 (am) and about time I put my head down and got some Zedddddzzzzzz!!!!
Hoping you all have a great weekend

L x

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