Friday, 17 April 2015


.....Where has tonight gone? I ask this for one simple reason......I've lost the night!
I have just looked at the clock and it's bang on midnight and i thought it was about 10.30!!!
Oh dear - my life is flying by and I'm spending it not crafting as I'm in bed typing this!
Anyhoo, I just thought I'd check in and give you all an update on the health situation - It's alot better than it was!
As Kristin and I both had food poisoning for the last week, I've only just begun to eat again. The one thing I could eat though was........bread! Sadly it's one of the worst foods for putting weight on with and I love it! If man could live by bread alone, then I would be a happy WOman! lol x
I've been busy making another boxed album - 6" square, and I'll upload some pictures once it's finished. I'm making it to send to a company called Personal Impressions in the hope they'll add me to their sample-maker team. Fingers crossed anyway.
He who works is away in London again and, as usual, he hates it! And I hate it too because when I'm trying to find him some accommodation near to where he's working, there usually isn't any or it's really expensive.
So, I've had a little whinge and now I feel much better :)
So, I'll upload some pics of my latest creation as soon as i can and you can have a good look through and send me some comments (or criticism!).

Have a lovely weekend,


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