Wednesday, 22 April 2015

And we're off....!!!

Good evening all,
Just thought I'd share with you a little "TTFN" for the week as I'm off to Zakynthos tomorrow afternoon. I bought my ticket on 14th February and all of a sudden......this one more sleep and i'm away!
Have started with a really sore throat though so I'll have to be careful as to the amount of yapping I do! :Like that'll happen :) I even went to see the GP about it this morning. I mean, usually, something like a sore throat I manage myself but, as I won't be home for a week, I thought the GP might prescribe a quick remedy for me. The result? antibiotics which the GP doesn't really want me to take and a look at my blood results which have left me reeling! I do believe the problems I'm undergoing are quite problematical! My ESR (erithrocyte sedimentation rate) is very high and now I need a referral to a rheumatologist - again! Nothing's ever easy is it?
Anyhoo, the weather is forecast to be really nice for the week; averaging 21 to 22 degrees daily and no rain! Here, it's forecast rain from Sunday onwards so...Yaaaayyyy!!! Looking forward to some warmer weather and a good ol' natter with my bezzie Jane! Not forgetting the alcohol and did I mention the sunshine? Lol
Have almost finished packing - some bits need to go in tomorrow - and have cut the grass, watered the plants (inside and out) and even had time for a little crafting this afternoon.
This last week I've been working on the boxed album for sending to Personal Impressions as in answer to their sample-maker call-out. I would love to have a go at that! I'm pretty sure I could do a good job for them but I can imagine there are loads of people (much better than me) applying too.  Oh well, "Que Sera, sera".
So my lovely blog peeps, I will say cheerio for now and I'll let you all know how the holiday went when I'm home and I've had time to "dry-out" ! Tee hee xxx

L x

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