Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Oh my! I cannot believe my last post was in ....MAY!!!!
So, Good evening all and I am sorry I've been remiss in posting my makes and musings!
I think it would be better if I run through a few points on what has happened in our lives since May.


Nope, zero, nothing, zilch so I don't really need points 2 and 3 either! Oh, we did have a barbecue at my daughters house and that was fab fun but I drank too many cocktails and was very very tipsy (read: drunk).

I guess my sons' 20th birthday is the highlight really! When I was a kid, a birthday lasted a day. Now they seem to last for the day itself and the whole of the previous/current or following weekend too! He had his friends and their girlfriends round for 'pre' going out drinks on the Friday night. Drinking and jollying started about 6pm until they left at 10.30 in an 8 seater taxi going to a club in Preston.
I walked into the lounge, after they'd left, and could not believe how much booze had been consumed! Bottles, cans, glasses, even take-out, all over the lounge and kitchen so He who works and I set to cleaning and washing up. Thankfully, it only took 10 minutes between us but at least it's only occasionally we have to do that!!! The following day, Saturday, they all went into Wigan with my daughter and her hubby, as they were booked into a cocktail making class at a bar there! I love those classes! It's a really good day out - even though we get drunk, sober up, get drunk, sober up and finally get drunk just in time for the homeward journey!!! Which is what they did!
Eventually, on the Monday, it was the actual birthday and we all went out for dinner that evening, which was lovely, especially as, for once, the sun was out and the weather had been great for a week or so.

So, apart from going to the hospital for physio on my rubbish feet and elbow, and the doctors for other problems, that's about it! Well, if I remember anything else I'll make sure you're the first to know!

I've been really busy making items with chipboard again. 2 Jack-In-The-Box type thingies!, a couple of mini albums and lots of balloon mobile models. Mainly using Graphic 45 paper collections because they are just uber fabulous!

These really need to be showcased on here so, when I've photographed everything properly, I'll upload them and display them proudly.

Ok, so, I think I'll disappear for now as I'm getting sleepy and I also want to watch the end of this drama on  ITV3!

L x

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