Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Hi everyone from quite a chilly Leyland even though this is supposed to be summer.....that's GBR for ya!!!
So, this week I've been mostly making stuff!
I have had to make a card for a 40th birthday. Pardon? Easy? Yes, if it's for a woman but, for a man?.....all you crafters out there will agree with me - men are chuffing hard work all round, even for cards!!!
I have a couple of 'Gus' images from Bugaboo stamps and co-ordinated them for this card. Gus is fab! A real cranky old geezer!
So, this is how it turned out.

.....and this is how the other one turned out!!! Yep, I did two, because one might not be suitable so I always make an alternative!!!
 For this one, I used a 'birdbrain' image from 'From The Heart Stamps' - because they're funny and  fab!

Now, after I'd finished those (which took far longer than I'd anticipated because my Mojo sodded off!), I turned to my favourite pastime - construction!

I have another template from Jim Hankins (a.k.a. The Gentleman Crafter) and he calls it Mama Nell's organiser Caddy!
I guess it is really! It looks like a caddy with doors and feet!
I used Graphic 45 Artisan Style paper collection on this as well as  Tim Holtz Idea-ology knob and fasteners. I had to make the box feet myself from card and gild them so they look more metallic.

There is room inside to hold anything you like really - notes, cards, recipes, files, whatever!

I totally love making constructed items! I've just finished a 6 drawer box to hold my Tim Holtz and wooden embellishments but as I've made it for my own use, I'm not putting it on here (.....the patterned card doesn't really match! LOL).

Ok. That seems to be it for now, so, from a windy and rainy North of England town, I wish you all good-day, cheerio and Kalispera!

L x


  1. Great cards, and I LOVE the box - soooo clever

  2. Lovely work...and yes, cards for men are always tricky. x


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