Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Hi all.
As promised, I am updating the old blog with my latest creations.
I did mention, in my last post, that I had been working on some commissions and I couldn't display them until my friend had received them - which she has now!

So, the first is a "memories" picture which was mainly designed using the Docrafts Digital Designer software - I don't have one of the all singing all dancing programmes......yet!!!
It took quite a while as I had to measure it up then fanny around with fonts, types etc so alot of card and ink was wasted until I eventually printed one which I liked!!!
Sorry about the photography! I was trying to show the embossing and some details!

The next picture is another family tree.
I have made these many times now and it doesn't get easier trying to think up new styles in which to make them so, this one became bright and cheerful and not over fussy.

This last one I've made twice - because I couldn't decide which one was best so I gave them both away!!!
The quote made me laugh - Mum's Rules! - and I had the perfect paper kit in Graphic 45's home sweet home collection to use on it.
The first one is in a frame and the second is attached to MDF shapes which I bought from Dreamees.
Again, I used The Docrafts Digital Designer package to print the text and, again, it took ages!!!
Still, my friend was very pleased with them and that's all that matters.

Did you all have a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend? I did zilch! 
"He who works" came home Friday night, quite late, and left again on sunday afternoon so we didn't really have much time to do anything. Add in the fact that the poor love was totally knackered! Still, while he had a good sleep, I got to crafting in my lovely room and watched the athletics on the laptop! Then friends came round for drinks and nibbles on Saturday night which left me with a fluffy head on sunday morning!)
Several things to look forward to now (Christmas being one of them!) and I'll fill you in as and when they happen!!!

L x

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