Sunday, 20 September 2015

Home again!

Hi all!
Just a quick post to update you all on my hollibobs and, of course, my no-crafting week!
It was HOT.
We did alot of travelling around and a bit of the old sunbathing and swimming. The water was warm so it was like walking into a bath -----that's if you bathe in sandy water with little fishes pootling around in it!
Lots of boozing went on I'm afraid.......I only did it to keep the others company..........
We did meet up with some friends who hadn't told us they were also going to be there so that was a lovely surprise (the rotten sods!!!).
We also had so many people to see that we didn't quite get around to all of them so we will just have to go back to do it all again!
Oh, and "He Who Works" has a sister who was holidaying on Kefalonia - the next island to ours - so she, and her boyfriend, came over on the ferry for the night! When we were at the airport ready to leave, I got a text from another of his sisters' who had landed at Zakynthos airport and was in the arrivals hall as we were in departures! Fancy that eh?!!!
So, back to earth with a bump. I've, obviously, not been making anything at all for the last week and, as luck would have it, I haven't done anything since landing on Friday as I've had a tummy bug today and was too tired yesterday!
I hope I find my mojo tomorrow as some lovely goodies arrived whilst I was away and it will be fun to begin playing again!
So, that's it in a nutshell! I'm going back to watching the World Rugby on TV (cos I love it!) and an early night beckons.
I thought I'd pop a quick piccie or two of my hols for you to ogle!

L x

Goats in the road? why not....!!!

Jay, Shellbell, Bettyspaghettilegs,me and him!!!

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