Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!

Just had to share this with you lovely peeps as 'He who works' has exceeded all expectations with my Valentine's Day prezzie this year!
Not only did I receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a card but......................................
it surely is a Valentine's Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy! because this is the best prezzie ever! :

I am UBER excited already and cannot wait to see my buddy Jane! And, I feel really grown up to be flying alone!

Huge thankyou to my Micklemacmoo xxxxxxxx love him loads xxxxxxx


Hello all.
Had to honour my little promise (which I made eons ago!) to post some photos of the projects I've recently been working on. I bought a CDrom of papercraft projects because I like the image on the front (!) but it's been stashed away, with all the other CD-roms, until one day a couple of weeks ago when I thought it might be a good idea to have a look at it................WOW! I adore the creative mind of this lady (Adela Rossol) and, after making the following items, I emailed her in the hope that she had more fab CD-rom projects to work from. ~Sadly, she replied in the negative :( ; although there are lots of project templates to purchase from her website.
So, onto the lovelies!

This first picture shows an old-style trunk and a birdhouse. I really love these two and the birdhouse was fun to embellish! I even managed to get a little wooden bird stuck to the roof!

This next one is called a 'dessert cage' - simply because it's cute enough to pop some cupcakes inside and as I would have only eaten them, I put some ribbon reels in there instead!!! Cute birdy on the top behind the bow. I only put a few embellishments on this one, just to give it extra cuteness!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day to you all.
I haven't been uploading any blog posts lately, even though I did say I would do better this year, so today I'm going to show you lots of goodies which I've made lately and fill you in on any news I can remember!
Well, I had a go at acupuncture the other day! Sister in law needs acupuncture quite often and I went to the hospital with her to learn how to do it on those days she can't manage it herself. Very interesting and not half as scary as I thought it would be. I managed fine and I think I will be able to help out when needed. Had to laugh though (wouldn't be me if I didn't) because she has to have a needle at 90 degrees on the top of her head.....well, that made me laugh because I told her she won't forget to take that one out when I'm doing it because I will have popped a cocktail olive onto it so she can pretend she's a martini!!! Hey ho!
Apart from the usual humdrum things, not much has happened recently to be honest. 'He who works' has been away in that there London, and surrounding areas, and came home last night and is now having a well earned lie-in................(where's my chuffin Valentines card? tee hee)
The son is still in bed too....nothing new there then! Maybe, when he turns 20 in June, he'll get up a little earlier because he'll no longer be a teenager and don't they say teenagers sleep alot because of their hormones or something? Lol x
My daughter starts an uber fab new job on monday and I hope she really likes it because it pays a fortune and that really can't be a bad thing! There's nothing wrong with a heavy dose of ambition, I say. (although I never really had any myself!).
So, onto the photos. I mentioned in my last post that I've been busy making some 3d craft projects and below you'll find a really ace fold over box I made yesterday with my prize draw win from Docrafts! I love surprises and this one really was because I truly couldn't remember entering it! The Victorian Valentine range is lovely and I enjoyed making this box. I am going to fill it with lots of 'LOVE' - in other words, the word LOVE printed and stamped and die cut onto lots of different papers and loads of hearts in different sizes, then fill the box with them and gift it to my daughter as her'Box full of Love' Valentine prezzie from a loving mum! I know, I'm soppy!

I've also added a couple of drawer easel cards too!

 Easel Drawer Cards - love making these!


                                  Fold over box using my Docrafts Victorian Valentine range prize win!

There will be lots more when I get around to it!

Hope you liked what you saw and if you want any of these please just give me a comment below or message me!

L x