Friday, 17 April 2015


.....Where has tonight gone? I ask this for one simple reason......I've lost the night!
I have just looked at the clock and it's bang on midnight and i thought it was about 10.30!!!
Oh dear - my life is flying by and I'm spending it not crafting as I'm in bed typing this!
Anyhoo, I just thought I'd check in and give you all an update on the health situation - It's alot better than it was!
As Kristin and I both had food poisoning for the last week, I've only just begun to eat again. The one thing I could eat though was........bread! Sadly it's one of the worst foods for putting weight on with and I love it! If man could live by bread alone, then I would be a happy WOman! lol x
I've been busy making another boxed album - 6" square, and I'll upload some pictures once it's finished. I'm making it to send to a company called Personal Impressions in the hope they'll add me to their sample-maker team. Fingers crossed anyway.
He who works is away in London again and, as usual, he hates it! And I hate it too because when I'm trying to find him some accommodation near to where he's working, there usually isn't any or it's really expensive.
So, I've had a little whinge and now I feel much better :)
So, I'll upload some pics of my latest creation as soon as i can and you can have a good look through and send me some comments (or criticism!).

Have a lovely weekend,


Saturday, 11 April 2015

Spring has finally sprung!

Good afternoon all!
I hope you've all been enjoying this mad few days of sunshine as much as I have - not.
Oh yeah, I enjoyed the weather on Thursday just before I developed an upset tummy which has just started to improve (Saturday afternoon). Missed all of Friday's sunshine and now it's partly cloudy, less warm and windy!!! That's the weather, not!
So, I went to a funeral last week - very sad occasions and this one was no different but it did go smoothly. Also went out for lunch with friends then had lunch out this Easter Monday with our bezzies and family and it was yummy! Haven't cooked for a week now as I went out for tea on Wednesday too!!! Thursday was a trip to the garden centre and I bought some really lovely plants for the pots in the garden and it's looking bright and cheerful now (although potting them and tidying up etc, utterly wrecked me! My bones hate it when I do ANYTHING - Grrrrrr! Luckily I managed to pot them before the tummy bug hit - phew!
So, onto todays make.
I have created this fabulous boxed gatefold mini album this last week or so (took my time with it as I wanted it to look good!). I bought the template from a lovely lady called Cristi who has an Etsy store - follow this link -
and, after following all the instructions, I was really pleased with the result;
There are 6 pockets on each side of the box. These mirror each other on the front of the pocket but, although the contents are the same, they are covered with different papers.
Inside each pocket is a mat where you could attach a photo or a special something(ticket/receipt/picture?) from your travels with a little journal tucked into the pocket on the front of each pocket(!) so you can note down where the picture/photo was from or a little note about what made the keepsake special!
I've used lots of different embellishments on this album to make each page interesting.
So, now I can use the template and use my imagination - which I'm currently doing on my next box - even though the crafty mojo has been away lately!
This post is picture heavy as there has been quite alot of work in making the box and you do need to see lots of pics to appreciate it.
As I mentioned earlier, I am making more of these and hopefully I can send them out as presents to lovely family and friends (yes, I don't mind if they see this post! lol!)

Note the 'mats' for adding things to and I think it would make a lovely keepsake for anyone!

Hope you like it too :

Box when closed
Side View
Showing top pockets


1st right pocket

Close up of 1st left pocket

2nd pockets

2nd left pocket
2nd right pocket

3rd pockets
3rd left pocket (oops, wrong way round!!!!)

3rd right pocket

4th pockets

4th left pocket 
4th right pocket
5th pockets
Lol! Left 5th pocket wrong way round again!
5th Right pocket

6th pockets

6th left pocket
6th Right pocket

So there we go....

...all done and the box is closed!!!

L x