Saturday, 13 May 2017

Saturday (busy day!)

Hi all!
So, true to form, I've been missing and neglecting my blog yet again!

I just don't have the time I thought I had to give my attention to it - Ooops!
Next report will say "must try harder!"s - although I'm sure I've used that excuse once already.....

Anyhoo, this is just a quick update :-

I've started an Instagram page where I can post photos of all my makes, Pinterest boards too, and I'm trying to create a Facebook page with all my crafty stuff on.
The trouble is, it's all so time-consuming and I'm hoping to find somebody who can just link everything together so I don't have to post to different sites all the time.
I haven't actually checked if this is possible yet but I'm sure to find out sooner or later!!!

As far as the crafting goes? Yes. I've been busy again!

May is always a busy month for birthdays in my world and I've lots to be getting on with and I've now got a commission to make a wedding card too - which would be simple if it were out of my head but.....this card must be made in a certain way, with certain colours and....well, you know the score! I've got to think of something which covers all bases and make everybody happy! I'm sure I will and I'll post it when it's done.

We came home from our hollibob 2 weeks ago (almost) and last weekend was another busy, boozy one for the daughters birthday.
A great time was had by all (22 peeps attended a fab day out) and the cocktail class for 15 of us was great fun. I had to pace myself though as the cocktails can go down so easily and the bubbles go to the head too quick - as I've found out on many occasions......

However, this weekend, I'm being good and I decreed that not a drop of alcohol will pass my lips until next weekend and so far? SO GOOD!!!!

Down to business - Here's a selection of my latest makes :

Both of these I made after I saw a tutorial on the background on Fiskarettes UK facebook page.
I love inky backgrounds and I liked how the designer used fineliner to highlight it.

I used free stamps from Creative Stamping magazine (a couple of issues back) to create both of these which I entered into the online  Sweet Treats Challenge at

This card was made because I had some time to spare! I just wanted to use my Xcut flamingo die and so I did!

I'm sure I've missed some out but when I remember what they were I'll post them for you to check out!

Here's a link to My Instagram page

Have a fab weekend

L xxx

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