Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Tuesday Again.

Hi all!
Hope you've all had a great Bank Holiday weekend (at least those of you here in the UK!).
We did really well as far as the typical British weather is concerned as it was actually a sunny weekend with hardly a shower to worry us :)
I have managed to make only one card this last few days but I can't post it yet as it's for a mag and, as usual, it's not good practice to post a project before it's published nationally!
The reason for my lack of creating is simple - I seem to be spending more tinme at our new house making tea and coffee for alsorts of workmen!
This last week has been utterly mental - plasterer, painter, electrickerer, and joinerer all in one day as well as the lads outside digging a new driveway for us!!!
My son helping with the new driveway.
This WILL look like my new bedroom - eventually!
The Upstairs hall in a mess!

Just a few boxes of paint............
Other days haven't been much different what with all the comings and goings. I did take some digi printouts to do some colouring when I could but, after a peaceful half hour, I was interrupted and never to return to it!
Anyhoo, it was warmer outside than sitting indoors so I did just that - and ended up feeling sleepy and I couldn't see the paper to colour!!! Massive fail!
This weekend hasn't been any different.
The darling OH came home late on friday night and didn't stop working all weekend.
I think he was happy to go to London yesterday for some peace and quiet.
There is still an awful lot to do before we move - even choosing home accessories is proving tricky as everyone has a different idea and, until the magic money tree puts lots more cash into our piggy bank, then we have to prioritise exactly what we can buy........................not alot right now!!! lol

So, unfortunately, I don't have an image to share with you today but I promise to do better this week    :(

Have a good week everyone.

L x

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