Wednesday, 16 May 2018

And so it continues.....!

Hi all.
Well, as you may have noted, or not (!), I have been absent for a while!
this is mainly due to "his nibs" being home and keeping me distracted and out of the craft room as he recovers from his attack.
He is still waiting for surgery but, we believe it may be in the next couple to 3 weeks from now.
There's so much stress for him at the moment because he isn't working and he must give up smoking.
The not-smoking is going to be really hard for him. I know this because I also gave up 6 years ago and, although I'd kill for a cig some days, I was determined, and still am, to be a non-smoker.
He, on the other hand, is less determined! He's having this decision forced on him as his heart disease will be caused by smoking and my choice was just that - my own choice. But, he's trying so kudos to him for that and it's early days so my fingers are crossed that he'll manage it without any more nagging from us!

The craftroom.
Yes, I've not spent too much time in here at all because of one thing and another but, true to form, I've still got my project in my fave Papercraft Inspirations magazine this month (issue 178).

A couple of piccies here for you to gloss over -


Although my photos aren't too good (lolz) I think you get the idea!

I made my card using the Hobby Art stamps - vintage plonk! along with gold embossing powder which might not be too obvious here but honest, I did!!!

Buy the mag and have a look at all the fab makes as usual including these stamps by the RDT and the Design team!

So, do you remember me mentioning (once or twice) that I'd applied to Craftstash Uk for the design team? Well, I've since made my first project for them! I can't show it to you all just yet but I will once It's on show as a project.

For now, you''ll have to be content with my "llama" card for our friends birthday this week. He'll be 45 and I know he isn't looking forward to it at all so I hope the card puts a smile on his grizzly chops!!!

Here's a little Unicorn card I made using generic stamps and dies which I bought online at
It takes so long for my delivery to arrive that by the time it does, it's like Christmas every day when the postie brings my goods and I've utterly forgotten what I ordered in the first place!!! Happy days!!!

Hope you have a fab week.
I'm all over the place at the moment and can't manage to string two ideas together so if I don't get back to you soon.......................I probably lost my marbles and you can find me in the next hospital bed to my other half!!!

Lesley x

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