Monday, 23 April 2018

Horrid week.

Morning all,
Here, at the homestead, it's been a very horrid and difficult week because my other half had a heart attack in the early hours of last Saturday morning.
He was very poorly, but our amazing NHS have cared for him really well and found out his heart is in dire need of fixing!
He's to have a triple heart bypass in the near future so it's come as a shock to all of  us and this week really has been a hard one.
He came home last tuesday evening and he's doing alot better than I thought he would but I think that's down to all the correct meds and that he's a stubborn old duffer and won't let it get him down.
The only thing that bothers him is this not being able to work malarkey!  He's bored out of his skull and there's only so many jobs for him to do!!!
My daughter and her hubby have bought some furniture bits for her office from IKEA and at least one item took him 2 hours to build so that was a bit of peace for me and it took his mind off things for a while -  so we need more flat packs!!!
On a lighter note, I've had very little time to spend in my craft room,so there's every chance my mojo has had a break and it will come flooding back as soon as I open my latest issue of Creative Stamping mag! I always find the stamps, and the projects, inspire me to have a bash at something, even if I use their creations as a guideline. It makes me feel all warm inside knowing I've created something again!
So, that's what I'm about to do right now while I listen to PopMaster on Radio2!!!

Hope you all have a good week
Lesley xxx

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