Scrapbooking 2

Hi Everyone!
Hope all you lovely Mums out there ( And even my lovely peeps who aren't Mums) had a fabulous weekend and even better Mothers Day.
I know I did! My 'better' half came home on Friday night and actually stayed all the weekend before leaving this morning for destinations unknown to me - I think Worcester might've been mentioned!!!
The weather yesterday was absolutely glorious so I helped his nibs empty the back of his van out so he could have a clear-out and tidy it up a bit! It took hours- especially when my daughter and her hubby borrowed it to drive to Stafford to pick up a buggy - NO! not a pram type buggy! That would be too simple. Oh no, they picked up a carting buggy - something to whizz around a carting track in!
The next-door neighbours' son earned some beer money as he cut the front and back lawns for us as our mower is deceased.
The saving grace of such a busy day was my Indian takeaway for tea! My daughter ordered and paid for it (a little treat for us all) so ended a tiring but fun day! My bed was very welcoming so I got in it at about 8.30!!!

So, as I haven't been in the craft room much since Friday, I have managed to find some mojo and complete this page for the challenge over at Lasting Memories Layout Challenges - Theme Fun/Laughter.

I had taken these pics in Zante last year just after my daughters wedding! All 16 of us went to a bowling alley one night and of course there was a play-area outside so my two just HAD to have a go!!!! Neither of them will see 10 again but, never mind! It made us all laugh as they are always up to mischief even with 9 years between them!

I used up some of my bits and bobs too so I hope you like it!


  1. Love your mixed embellishments and of course the fun photos :)

  2. glad you found your mojo to complete this fantastic page! love that you were able to use some of your bits and pieces too. thanks for joining us at lasting memories. Look forward to seeing more of your layouts.


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