Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sunday = funday!

Hi de hi to all you lovely bloggers!

Today, Sunday, I had planned to do absolutely nothing but craft my little heart out - but plans like that never happen :(
Up to now I have done the housework, washing, shopping at the supermarket and only just sat down to eat something (gluten free bagel and cornflakes!!!) and switch on the laptop to watch the CHA show live from California! Love their demos and stuff!
Anyhoo, I did make this card yesterday for the reader challenge at Papercraft Inspirations magazine. I have made a drawer easel card and the challenge is to use their free gift papers and decoupage kit which, I think, I've managed really well! There are so many options for filling the little drawer. It could be sweets, chocolate, tea lights, just about anything really! And, as the sentiment isn't occasion specific, then it could be used for any celebration too.  I love this little bunny - he's soooo sweet! Unusual for me as I don't usually enjoy decoupage or even cute images like this but I did enjoy this one. So, good luck and fingers crossed for me!

L x

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