Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

Good morning/afternoon everyone!
I just had to write a quick post to share my joy .....probably with nobody as I don't think anyone actually reads these posts! Anyhoo, this morning (day after bank holiday monday so it still feels like monday) the postie brought me a package. Hmmmm??? Immediate media on the label - what on earth have I bought now? NOTHING - I've won a fabulous crafty prize in my Quick Cards Made Easy magazine - a complete set of the Chameleon Pens which retail at £89.99!!!
This, to me, is utterly fab as i really wanted a set of these pens but just couldn't justify spending that much money on them (especially as I have the complete 172 pen set of Spectrum Noirs!). Either way, one cannot have too many pens, especially as they're FREEEEEEEE!!!!
So, there you go; I am one happy bunny today and intend to have a play with them some time this week as I currently cannot see my craft desk with other projects on it! I'll post again when I've got a new 'Chameleon pen' inspired card to show you!

L x

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