Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Shocks and surprises!

Hi all!
Well, this weekend was a huge success after all!
I had the most amazing surprise when, on Saturday afternoon, my bezzie pal from Greece walked into my room with no warning she was coming!
I was so shocked I couldn't speak for ages (which is uber strange for me!) and finally, when I did, it was a stream of curse words aimed at my family for keeping her visit a secret!!!
Apparently, this surprise had been planned since August and, even when I went to Zante to visit her in September, not a single hint, tip, word was spoken about her coming to the UK and EVERYBODY knew!!! Amazing!
So, we had a fabulous party night out on saturday night and she didn't leave until last night. We've been out for dinner, coffee, breakfasts.....yadeyadeyada!!!
Now, I'm coming back down to earth and I miss her already. She does make me laugh so much!

(I've added a lovely pic of us both on our "woodland adventure" walk yesterday :) )

I haven't had any time whatsoever to create anything at all for the last few days and today is no exception as I'm going out for a birthday lunch with another friend in a short while!
I hope to be back in the craftroom creating and making very soon.

Til then, have a nice day!

Lesley xxx

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