Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Hi all!
Well, since we last met (!!!) I have been out celebrating my OH's 50th birthday at Latch in Chorley.
We had a great night on Saturday and imbibed a little too much again and totally couldn't be bothered with anything on Sunday! He had a great birthday party though and I was so happy that loads of people turned up! His face was a picture when he saw surprise friends walking through the door!!! It was about time he had some surprises as he's always doing that to me!
Anyhoo, I think it was Monday before any of us could really be bothered actually joining the land of the living again! Birthday boy (whose birthday was actually yesterday - 20th March) went down to work in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, for the week and had to celebrate the actual date of his birth all on his lonesome! Things like that don't bother him though! He's not a big soft sentimentallist like me.
Also on Monday, our decorator began work in the new, as yet unused, kitchen!
Yes, it's all in place but covered in plastic and dust sheets so as to keep it protected from the paint etc.
I'll put updated pics on here as and when I take them :)

I have made a wedding card for my daughters interior designer! She's due to get married on 3oth March so I made a quick silver on white card and stencilled a mandala pattern with silver embossing powder on the front.

I've made 3 further cards as samples for my application to join the CraftStash design team so, fingers crossed, they'll like them and I'll be able to give some good news soon!

Have a super fun mid-week Wednesday!!!

Lesley x

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