Friday, 20 June 2014

Such fun!

Happy friday peeps!
Have been so poorly this last few days with the dreaded lurgy - a stinker of a cold!
So if you'd like to feel sorry for me then now is the time!!!
However, I still find the energy to log on to my blog and fill you lovely people in on my recent activity. No, I haven't actually made anything new (due to feeling like melted wax) but I do have some fab news!
I have agreed to join the Design Team on Scrapbooker phd which is a fab papercrafting blog run by a very nice lady called Faith with several DT members on board.
I found the site by accident when I was rooting around the web looking for lovely challenge websites and up popped this one,so now I'm very happy to be invited to join the team.
Have a look over at the sidebar where I am displaying my DT badge with pride :)

I have lots to do over the next few days so I need to crack on with more challenges and to enter the new one on Scrapbooker phd which has only just started!

L x

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