Monday, 9 July 2018


Hi all!
Well, I've been very absent lately due to a heck of a horrible few weeks as my other half was prepping for his triple bypass this week when we find out he has diabetes so now his surgery can't go ahead.
Its absolutely mega disappointing! Not that the idea of an op is thrilling but it would have put him on the road to recovery and back to normal. Hopefully.
But now it's all up in the air again as his blood sugars are extremely high and he has to have them low and regular for a few weeks before the treatment can begin again.
So, my heart hasn't been in the craft room at all. 😞
I'm hoping to go in there for an hour or two one evening and, who knows. Something amazing might happen and my best ever work could be in the pipeline!!!

Have a good week,

Lesley 😀 x

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