Wednesday, 27 June 2018


This weather has been AMAZING!
It is burny-hot here and I am a true sun bunny BUT it's even too hot for me right now!
I walked over to the decking a little earlier, with nothing on my feet and......................OW OW OW!!!
It reminded me of walking on hot sand on Xechoriati beach (Zante) and screeching in pain!!!
Something I willl NEVER do again because I thought I wasn't that daft. How wrong can a person be?

So, with all this fabulous sun in the UK (and not the rest of the world for a change!) I haven't really found alot of time to craft (tee hee!).
I did prepare a couple of makes for Papercraft Inspirations October issue but, as per usual, I can't upload them yet. Safe to say I like 'em tho!!!

I did make my son's 23rd birthday card and, even though he's not a BEER drinker, I did like the stamps and embossing folder which came with Papercraft essentials mag (161) and just had to use them!

I made it into a shaker card for a bit of fun too!

There's a few bits and bobs going on behind the scenes at "Tinkering" HQ at the moment and I will share them with you as soon as I'm able to. Exciting times ahead methinks!!!

So, I bid you all a rather sweaty farewell as I'm off to the freezer for a cool-down.........I mean an ice-lolly!!!

Lesley x

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