Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday x

Good morning everyone. :)
I hope you are all well and feeling great on this rather overcast sunday morning.
We had a fab time with our second Christmas day yesterday. The restaurant San Marco really does deserve a link in this blog! It was brilliant!!!
It is the second time I've eaten there and both occasions have been marvellous. Can not fault them at all. The food was delicious,served promptly and the staff are so attentive. Wonderful.
After indulging my very naughty appetite (The Diet God will be aiming his sword of fury right at me right now!) we left and headed back to my daughters house for Christmas drinks, games and nibbles later on.
Pass the parcel went down well!!!!
It was so much fun but we didn't quite get around to playing charades as we all talked so much that time slipped happily by and all of a sudden, it was time for bed! Some of our party needed their bed more than others and they are paying for it this morning!!!! Hahahahaha x
I must admit, I feel absolutely drained - rich food and extremely potent cocktails do take their toll on my already knackered body and even though i wasn't at all drunk I wish I had been then I'd have something to blame this tiredness on!!!
Never mind!
I'm off to make a coffee so I will pop by and write a few more pithy offerings later.
L x

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  1. Hi Lesley! Just popped by to say hello - I found you at the Outlawz, and I'm your newest follower by email! Hope you will follow me, as well! Hugs!!!


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