Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A Happy New Year Everyone!

Although I started making a birthday card yesterday, i didn't quite get round to finishing it!
Had to sort things out for the NY party here last night and have a fight with this cold.
I thought I'd won, but I still have it, so obviously didn't drink enough to kill it or cure it after all!
The party was great fun and enjoyed by all - especially the ' firework-off ' him indoors and his best bud had at midnight! Thought our whole road was gonna lift off there was such a racket of rockets!!!! Boys and their extremely noisy toys eh? lol x

Feeling tired today. The weather here is dreadful; wind, rain and cold. Put together that makes a day on the sofa in front of the TV inevitable. And looking forward to watching the new mini series of Sherlock on TV later on - I reckon tomorrow i'll feel much better and I will aim to start crafting again.

Found yet another fab website for all things card and paper-crafty!

Follow this link if you're interested

Happy days to all xxxx

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