Thursday, 2 January 2014

Thursday Morning Blues, Reds, Yellows..... etcetera!

Good morning one and all.

The title of this post today is quite apt as I've just spent the last hour and a half faffing (yes, that is a word!) faffing about with the colour of my blog!
As a newbie-blogger I have much to learn about the process and I feel i've achieved something today - the background colour! Hope you all approve - tough really if you don't. :)

Must admit, today looks like a 'lost' day. For once this festive season, we have no plans whatsoever for the day - even if some of the previous week days have been spent feeling sorry for oneself after the night before!
One thing is fab though - my cold seems to be on its' way out. I think I have shown it the door and it heeded my advice!

Right now a cup of coffee would go down well but there's nobody else up and about so looks like i'll have to make it it myself - again. Oh, woe is me!!!!

Looked out of the window earlier and my daughter +Kristin Bogumil  and her hubby are still in bed too (did I mention we are a close family? Yes, they live across the road!).

Ok, coffee and creativity time - must finish the card I started! Pictures to follow xxxx


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