Monday, 27 January 2014


Happy Monday peeps!

The amount of jobs I've had to do this morning has been incredible!
Isn't it amazing how, when you start one job, another pops up and inbetween doing these (faffing about like a blue- ar**d fly) the phones keep ringing! Landline and moby - like the chuffin telephone exchange it is

I got up uber early this morning, 6 am to wave his nibs off til Friday but not before I sent him on his way with a couple of sausage buns wrapped in tin foil - and no, I don't add little notes to a lunch-box either!!!

Hopefully the weather stays nice today. It makes a change to look out and see some sunshine and the birdies in the garden splashing about in a little water bath i have for them. I thought it would be too cold for a bird-bath but apparently not. They love splashing about and some of them even form a queue and wait for their turn! Cute :)
I keep meaning to take photos of them but by the time i get downstairs, they've flown away!
Next time I'll be waiting!

So now I have a coffee and time to indulge my crafting passion but not before I enter this card into the following challenge


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