Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hello again.
Last night I decided to make a jewellery box using a template on a cdrom by Debbi Moore which I bought from here recently -;%7bcreateandcraft_8127%7d%2fcategories@lt;%7bcreateandcraft_8127_1137%7d%2fbrand_cc@gt;%7bdebbi20moore%7d&fh_eds=%C3%9F

I didn't realise how fiddly it could be - especially when I decided to start 'tinkering' with it to make it my own!!!

I am still making it today! To be honest though, we did go out for lunch with friends today and I did faff about with other little jobs too!!! Something tells me my heart's not in it today but I WILL persevere from this point on!

Weather not too good here. The strong wind is getting stronger and it's raining - I'm just grateful we don't live by the coast as I do feel sorry for those who have been flooded again.

Well, hopefully i will have my craft-room ready at some point this week. I have a craft table coming tonight courtesy of Freecycle so when I have a minute I'll get to it and enjoy the change of view (currently the dining room wall and TV to the outdoors and the school at the back!!!!)

Happy sunday everyone x

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