Sunday, 19 January 2014


Good Afternoon all :)

As you may have noticed by the post title (doesn't have the same ring as "Seattle" does it?), I had a sleepless night last night.

He who didn't come to bed till very late slept through all my tossing and turning, sitting up, standing up, going to the bathroom just for a walk and general sleeplessness!!!

Have no idea why either! Isn't it strange how we humans sometimes have nights like that?
Today I am more tired than anyone in the history of mankind..............well, ok, maybe not quite that drastic,
but I am VERY tired which will probably make me VERY tetchy!!! I think I should have a note pinned to my craft room door - "BEWARE GRUMPY CRAFTER - ENTER AT OWN RISK" !!!

So, that's how today has started. I intend to get some scrapbooking done at some point today but we still have to go and get some shopping and Mr Lateness is still in bed! I did try giving him a hint earlier by making the bed around him but he just ignored me and carried on watching TV!!!

I will come back soon with some pictures I hope to enter into some fun Challenges this week.


Thursday, 16 January 2014



What a good girl I've been today! Did my housework, attended the doctors, avoided spending lots of money at the supermarket and decided to use my get up and go to make this card.

I used a papermania hearts embossing board on generic white card.
I then printed off a gorgeous picture of a Crafters Companion Mulberry Wood character which I coloured with my Spectrum Noir pens.
A couple of wooden hearts, some simple white ribbon, gemstones and a handwritten sentiment finished it off!

It was quick and easy, so just might make some more!!!

I am entering this card in the following challenges :

Crafters Companion HEARTS challenge and
Delicious Doodles FLOWERS challenge.
Morning all.

Have not posted for a day or two as I have been busy with my scrapbooking project and it does take up quite alot of time.

Had a lovely phone call from a company yesterday informing me that i'd won a £50 Argos voucher in a monthly raffle! Cheered me up no end as the office chair that my son uses with the PC has decided to give up working (the uppy downy bit is permanently down!) and I need to buy a new one, so that came in handy.

While thinking about the chair, I decided to try and fix it myself and I have - well, I've bodged it a bit with good old gorilla tape and tea towels!- and now I can keep the voucher for something else!

Anyhoo, just before Christmas, I received a big box of goodies from Papercraft Inspirations
as I'd won their Fancy Pants Design competition - result! There's enough stash in the box for all my Christmas 2014 needs - in other words, i won't need to buy anything for this years' cards so that's a load of cash saved :)
So, the tide may have turned at last. I normally NEVER win anything - in fact, He who is in Scotland at the moment won't bother putting money in a bandit if I'm with him as he won't win a bean, yet, when I'm not there, guess what happens? Yep! Every time! So these days I leave the room if he buys a scratch card!!!

As I mentioned the other day, I had a sympathy card to make and the picture below is the result. I prefer to keep them simple -smooth white card, butterfllies and ribbons with light turquoise rhinestones and silver embossed floral vine.
I hope it's well received.

Time to sign off for now as I have yet another doctors' appointment to go to, but not to worry, I shall be back with more words of blah soon....!

Lou x

Monday, 13 January 2014

Card for the brother-in-laws birthday.
Good Morning peeps!

Haven't managed to upload or write my latest blah on the blog recently as I decided to get stuck in to a
little scrapbooking and it really does take up alot of time!

Also, when 'he who grafts' comes home for the weekend I tend to lose the laptop and only have the tablet
to play on. Tablets are great little gadgets but a little fiddly when it comes to anything like this.

So, today I find myself with more scrapbooking to do and also a sympathy card to make. A friend of my other half has passed away and a card for his wife seems in order.

I guess I really ought to clean my 'craft room' before I do anything today. It is as if a bomb has hit it!
Isn't it amazing how little pieces of paper and card manage to fly all over the place? I honestly don't know how I do it! The carpet looks like........well, around the craft table you can't see the carpet!!!

 Einstein quoted - 'If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what then is an empty desk a sign?'....

But, he doesn't mention the carpet..............xxxx