Monday, 4 June 2018

Fathers Day - nearly here again!

Hi all.
Fathers day is almost right in the middle of the year which always reminds me it'll soon be Christmas!!! Sorry, just had to say it!
Alot of people in the crafty world are already working on their Christmas cards/gifts etc but, as I always do, I'll leave mine right up to the last minute then panic!
Let's get some summer living over with first eh? What's the rush into winter when we're enjoying the nicest Spring/early summer weather for such a long time? Winter can stay on the back burner forever as far as I'm concerned. Give me sunshine every day!

Anyhoo, back to todays make!
I decided to make a Fathers Day card because I can! My Dad passed away 9 years ago but I can still make him a little card in secret so don't go telling anybody about it! Ssshhhh!!!

Although my photo is slightly doesn't really matter. Dad was quirky too!!!

I used Stampin' Up! stamps for this along with black sparkly embossing powder, distress inks, DSP, buttons and generic cardstock.
I did have fun making it as i was just 'playing' really. I wanted to create something which just evolved as it went along. I had no idea in my mind what it was going to look like so when I finished, I liked it!

Sometimes it's fun to just poddle and play! (my word - poddle - for doing nothing worth mentioning!!!!)

Have a great evening

Lesley xxx

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