Monday, 11 June 2018

Looking ahead!

Hi all.
Well, we have had yet another beautiful and sunny day here in the north of  England. I can quite happily say I love waking up in the morning knowing it's going to be a warm day ๐Ÿ˜Š
It fills me with joy just being able to sit out in the morning sun and enjoy my first cup of tea of the day, listen to the radio and read my book.
Aaaaahhhhh, such simple tastes!

Today has been challenging and interesting at the same time in as much as -
Challenging :- I "wormed" my way into "HIS" shed and began to tidy it and
Interesting   :- because he gave in and let me do it!!!!

 It does sound like a reverse psychology ploy on HIS part to argue with me about NEVER being allowed to clean his shed, and all the while waiting for the right time to "LET" me do it so he doesn't have to don't know my Other Half!!!
He TRULY DEEPLY hates me being in his shed because I moan about the "Tip" it's in!
And I secretly adore organising things, finding places for stuff and just generally putting the world to right one shed at a time!
So today I do feel utterly fulfilled and, the best of it????
Muwahaha (evil giggle!!!)

Anyway, this is meant to be a quick post just for info really. My last card "Catitude" has made it into the August 2018 edition of Making Cards magazine! I know it's ages away yet but there's nothing like being prepared in advance is there and it gives me something lovely to look forward to!

That's it for today.
I'm off to make cards 'cos it's what I do ๐Ÿ˜

Lesley xxx

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