Monday, 18 June 2018

Good Monday to ya!

Good afternoon everyone.
Before I pop downstairs and begin making a spag bol for dinner tonight, I just thought I'd remind you all to look out for this months Papercraft Inspirations magazine (which is available to buy  from the 20th June in the shops) because my card is in it! Lol!
Of course I'd love you to buy it if only so you can cut out my article and keep it in a frame next to your bed and look upon it lovingly every I do........................NO I DON'T !!! Just kidding! Honest!!! Good heavens! If you had to look at my vizzog more than once in a blue moon I'd expect you to go doo-lally-tap!!!

So, when (and if) you do buy the mag, turn to page 14 for the fab Reader Tester makes and enjoy the rest of the mag too!!!

A cheery good evening to you all!

Lesley x

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